Design People

We design with people in mind. It’s a part of who we are as a team, but also of who we are as human beings. In our work, and as we go about our lives, we create with a sense of purpose, meaning and belonging that yield powerful emotions within our environments.

Beautifully Made.

For us, design is a conscious act of beauty. Where most see simply buildings and objects, we see the possibility of creating art and expressing sociocultural values through the medium of physical space. Environments are experiences of beauty, by their own aesthetic nature and virtue, as well as by their potential to augment our reality through play. 

Our Strategy

The Team

William Bondin


William is our practical philosopher: he thinks and he makes. His affinity to design and making allows him to be continuously fascinated by new ways of making intriguing objects and spaces.

Dimitri Calleja


Our man of steel, Dimitri, is a maker by nature and a machine aficionado. When he’s not taking care of steel structures, he can be found in his workshop making more steel-things.

Christian Camilleri


Kris is a systematic organiser driven by processes and beauty in both the digital and physical worlds. He is the one who transforms plans into virtual spaces and concepts into functional results.

Francois Mangion


An aesthete through and through, François’ relationship with the spatial world is cultivated through his appreciation of human lifestyles. His passion is to transform lost spaces into engaging experiences.

Joeaby Vassallo


Joeaby is our proverbial propeller who strongly believes in the people-to-people model, beyond the usual business-to-business. He is constantly exploring new ways to grow the company and loves building meaningful relationships.

Rachel Falzon


Rachel is a blend of energetic yellow and rejuvenating green: She is very passionate about interiors and lifestyles (preferably with a touch of yellow) and is in love with her endless collection of plants. 

Matthew Catania

Junior Architect

Matthew is a technologist and self-confessed New Materialist. His holistic view of architecture allows him to play with other disciplines to create in the context of people, spaces and time.

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