Sema Chosen for Marsa Junction Project

I+A’s proposal, ‘Sema’ is one of the four chosen artworks selected by Infrastructure Malta and Spazju Kreattiv to be included as part of the landscaping of the Marsa Junction Project.


The proposal is amongst 56 submissions made by artists and studios from 7 different countries including Malta.


Sema (2020) is a kinetic permanent sculpture which draws reference from the idea of the sky as a provider of resources – a sort of deity that listens. Aristotle divided the sky into air (wind) and aether (celestial bodies), while religions across the world has often turned to the sky in seek of divinity and redemption. Analogous to the manna from heaven, the sky provides us with renewable energy resources and clean air – resources which for long have been taken for granted. However, hope is still on the horizon as we slowly reduce our dependency on the burning of fossil fuels, coupled with alternative modes of transportation.


Inspired by the movement of a flying flag, the geometry resembles an oversized cloth caught in free moving air, and a ring of light – as if it was a setting sun. The resultant geometry is covered in hinged acrylic tiles that are wind driven. The resultant effect will be a subtle shimmer along the surface of the gravity-defying geometry.